Monday, September 3, 2012

Close to the Nobles' Skin

So, I've been relatively absent lately, but Faire is fast approaching and it seems like for every big project that pops up, a smaller project seems to appear and take precedence. It seems to be eternally easier to fix garb that is already made rather than replace it from scratch. Accessories seem to be just as important in the eyes of those being dressed for Faire and that tasks me with even more! But, enough of the complaining. Tonight I finished a mens' shirt for one of my noblemen that I am dressing this year, and I think it came out wonderfully!

I used Buttericks Pattern No. 5008;

This shirt was made for view A but we didn't end up putting a ruffle at the collar. Mostly because the neckband was tiny (13 inches for a large neck) and the neck ruffle was far too small to be used as anything but the neckband. We originally bought a sheer type fabric and I realized how much I hated sewing that crap so I ditched it in the fabric bin and replaced it with some cotton linen. Easy shirt, then decorated with burgundy ribbon closures and burgundy blanket stitched embroidery thread. That easy!

The blanket stitching could have been better on the pleated wrists, but hey, it was my first try! So, tomorrow night I get to start on the Doublet and Slops, oh the joy!

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