Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finally at Faire!

So we finally got off to Faire in Bonner Springs, KS! It was an awesome day, the doublet and pumpkin pants are done and my italian gown has been done for a while, along with the tiny lady's gown, so I just want to throw up a few photos!

So this is the three of us, as you can see the doublet doesn't close right and I'm not happy with it, but it's okay for a first try! 

Here is the tiny lady, in her pretty blue dress! It turned out beautifully and she got a lot of attention. The King even picked her up and carried her around...

So I got my ghirlanda at Faire, I know it looks silly but it's actually a period head piece for italian garb! I was super excited for that one! 

She loved that our dresses matched! 

Me and my noble. :) Aren't we adorable? 

A strange mixture of garb, I know...

I love the way the dress flows as I walk, silly but true :)

Our tiny lady got to talk with the Princess!

A good look at the Doublet, didn't turn out to my liking but hey, I got it done!

The tiny lady got to visit with the King, and it looked like she was just having so much fun!

Anyway, there are many more projects on the list, including the Alfonso projects and a green half length bodiced gown for me. And I'll have to redo the first doublet...And the pumpkin pants. So we shall continue trudging on! 

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