Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Doublets and Tabards and Shirts, Oh My!

So, it came to our attention last night that I have about three weeks to get all the garb I need done before Faire and I realized that the peacock (The Alfonson d'Este set) simply cannot be done with other people to sew for. So we laid aside the idea of having the peacock done for this Faire and moved on to the idea of another doublet. Problem is that I don't have time to wait for a good doublet pattern to come through the mail, and the local Joann's Fabric is out of the good Simplicity Doublet pattern. So, I moved on to a Mccalls book and found this;

Obviously the cape isn't going to happen, and she isn't playing a musketeer, so that leaves the long, costume doublet. I think that if I make it with a blue velvet (something we have stashed in my fabric piles that I wouldn't get rid of because 'I swear I'll use it one day!') and make a tad shorter, plus adding tabs to the shoulders and bottoms to make it more period, it could be beautiful. Perhaps, with blue velvet, some silver trim?

Plus I had that awful knights costume posted for the boys, this makes it to where I can make something totally different and make them look somewhat period! Plus, I didn't have a way to make them undershirts, and the undershirt for the musketeers should work beautifully...

Well, tonight I'll be starting on the noble shirts for the men-folk, plus I need to get complete measurements and such, and then hopefully tomorrow I can make some real headway on the doublets. They don't look too difficult, just time consuming. And I have the Fantasy Fashions doublet pattern to play with so I'll be getting some real experience!

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