Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Faire List

Well, Kansas City Faire is in September, and look at the date! I have less than three weeks before our scheduled Faire date, and I'm scrambling to get it all done! So let's look at what I have to do so far...

First, the two men in my life will need shirts to go under their beautiful garb (which they haven't even gone fabric shopping for yet!), this should be a relatively short project, just one with pleating and painful hand-stitched detailing. Which may wait until after Faire when I have more time...The detailing I mean.

Now, on to the more difficult things that need to be done!

One of my noblemen this year is portraying Alfonso d'Este (to accompany me as Anna Sforza), and her garb will prove to present a challenge. Here is the portrait of Alfonso that this noblemen has chosen to model after...

Instead of this portrait...

Needless to say, I was slightly annoyed that Alfonso had to have the big garb, and couldn't settle for the small garb!

So, from what I can tell, looking at the big garb, it is an english styled overcoat with fur lining, ot top of an italian styled men's gown. The english pattern does show this coat with a gown but not the right gown. The english style was a front closing gown that had a large open chest so that the wearer could show off a doublet under the gown. Just more peacocking (which is what this garb has been nicknamed!)
So we have two patterns for this...

We will be using view IV of both patterns, the coat from pattern 55 and the plain gown from pattern 43. Not to mention the jewelry I have to hunt down pieces for and make for Alfonso to really look the part. The pendant will be especially difficult, I know that it won't be an easy one to find.

Another nobleman of mine is fascinated with the costuming from The Tudors, so he wants a simple dublet and slops, thank goodness. Unfortunately those patterns had to be ordered off of ebay...

This choice makes my sewing tasks much easier, as I have confidence in my ability to put this set together. Again, we are just waiting on the good sir to purchase fabric! I don't think we will be worrying about caps for either of these good men so that narrows my list down in an amazingly easy way.

Another set to be made is for an older lady who is accompanying us to Faire this year. She didn't want to be worrying about a corset or anything like that, so we chose a good pattern that wouldn't require any sort of renaissance under-thing.

We will be making the light blue version with the big angel sleeves, looks easy enough, I suppose I will find out! Again, fabric has not been purchased yet. *Sigh*

Then, we have another piece of my dream closet. Not something I envision getting done before Faire, but certainly high on my to-do list... A period dressing gown. You see them in The Other Boleyn Girl, but an actual pattern for that doesn't exist, so I found this!

I think that this pattern will work if I bring in the sides and add fabric to the pleating in the back...

Other than that, low on my priority list but something I would like to have finished before Faire, is garb for the little boys!

I know that dressing a boy as a knight like this is not period at all, but for the sake of the kids, and the sake of my patience, I have abandoned that idea. There is also a girl to have garb as well, but hers is done and so I will include that in another post.

Lastly, the gold sleeves of my italian still need to be finished to top me off, and as it gets closer I may look into a cape. Wish me luck, eh?

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