Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Tiny Lady

One of my noblemen's daughter will be here to join us for Kansas City Faire this year, so I thought that a good princess dress would be a nice thing for her to have. So I started looking for a children's pattern that could easily be made into a good dress for Faire, and found something that I had confidence in.

The dress is shown with lots of Tulle and a horrible shiny costume fabric. But I saw the potential! I took the pattern, tweaked it a bit and made it into two pieces; an overdress and an underdress. The result was beautiful!

The blue is actually made of a light carpet, I figured a three year old wouldn't understand the concept of keeping a dress clean so I wanted something I could clean easily after she wears it. The underdress is a gold brocade with gold flowers. Each peice is trimmed with black satin, and the overdress is further decorated with tiny pearl trimming. It is hard to believe that a three foot tall child could take twelve feet of pearling to decorate a dress. To top it off, we bought a few jeweled pendants to sew to the dress and add a little more color. And, viola! It is not the fanciest of things, but a three year old will only see pretty colors and it is rare that you see children in garb anyway!

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