Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Italian Gowns..

Well, it took me some time to finish this one; with my birthday at the end of August, Halloween to worry about, moving and then the Holidays, my hands have been quite full!

I finally started watching the Showtime version of Borgia and I am just in love with the gowns worn by the ladies. So, being a part of an Italian Guild, I thought it was only fitting to own a few higher cut gowns. But I didn't want to have some replica of a gown that I had seen on TV so I set out to find a good way to make one that was all my own but equally as elegant and one of a kind.

I decided on green; I had some beautiful thick Olive fabric that I had been saving for a 'someday' bodice and possibly a pair of sleeves, so I pulled that out of my 'bodice stash' and set out looking for a good, dark green satin/taffeta. Although my fabric choices are a bit odd, unconventional and definitely different, I love the contrast of the two greens.

After putting together a typical Italian bodice it was time to start decorating! I really am a fan of the burgundy cording, so I decided to couch a design into the bodice. Nice, pretty triangular designs to create a sharp look to the bodice. The end result...

I am a big fan of the red stitching on the flower; I think it turned out gorgeous and the bright red brings a nice pop of color to the silver and pear design.

 The bunching can be easily remedied in my next design; I can either bone the back of the dress lightly to keep it standing straight. Or I can cut the back of the bodice down into a V-shape so that it doesn't have all of that fabric to bunch up on itself.

It sits about six inches lower than the Borgia costume gowns, but it still sits much higher than the waist and makes my legs look incredibly long. I love the illusions of a good Renaissance gown!
And lastly, I found this online while looking for ideas for my next gown today and had to share!

Happy holidays everyone! Tomorrow I'm off to seach for more fabric for the next dress while the Joanns coupons are still good!

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