Sunday, January 27, 2013

So, in preparation for the Highland Games back in Vegas, I have ditch the standard Italian garb and started working on English garb. This was my chance to redeem myself for my flunked doublet at Kansas City Renaissance Faire, so I got to researching all sorts of things. My biggest thing was wanting to know the true and period way of closing a Doublet. I found a website ( which shows actual clothing from the time, taken apart to show detail of how it was put together. One doublet, part way down the page, truly inspired me. 
It laces closed with a combination of eyelets and shanking buttons, very unique and completely period. So, armed with this website and these pictures, I went to work on the Alfonso d'Este garb. Of course, I started with a rough template made of normal cotton, nothing fancy. And then I set out on beginning with the good fabric. 

Then it had to be lined...

And then it had to be decorated! 

I used tiny pearls to line all the edges for a sophisticated and simple effect. Then the closures...

All in all, a good project, 

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